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PROMARK OFFROAD (formerly Gorilla Winches) "Best Winch Story" Contest

Read what people are doing with their ProMark and Gorilla winches! Send us your story.

Email your "Best Winch Story" and photos to Please keep the story to 800 words and include pictures if you have them. These articles are not going to be used for marketing purposes. By submitting a story, you agree to let ProMark Offroad publish the story in whole or part. Authors will receive credit for all stories submitted. If your story is published on, we will notify you and send a winch related gift.

"I pull 4x4's out of the mud with my Gorilla [now ProMark] Winch"

I was a little skeptical when i first purchased my gorilla [now ProMark] 3000lb winch back in early 2006. for the price, i did not expect much as far as durability or actual strength. after installing it i put it to the test, find the worst mud possible and bury my atv as far as possible. after trying and failing to recover my atv with another atv, i put the gorilla [now ProMark] to the test. with little effort, my atv was free for the muck. the next obsticle it endured was pulling a half ton pick-up, high centered on the frame, from a very steep drainage ditch. the gorilla [now ProMark] got the job done. the ultimate feet came when a couple of guys in 4x4 pick-ups where mudding at a near trail. one of the trucks got stuck in a mud hole, buried in mud to the doors. after the guys tried to recover the truck with their other truck and had no luck, the gorilla [now ProMark] stepped up to the challenge once again. with the winch cable doubled, via. a snatch block, to a tree; the mighty gorilla [now ProMark] gave it all it had and recovered the pick-up. the two guys were amazed that an atv with a 3000lb winch could out pull a 4x4 on dry land (note; the atv is only a 400cc 4x4). i suggested to the guys that they get a gorilla [now ProMark], its all they will need. i recently, actually today, received my second gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] winch that is going on my wifes atv. i have tortured my gorilla [now ProMark] for over a year now..would i buy a gorilla [now ProMark] again?-i already have...that gorilla [now ProMark] is a real go get'er.......keep up the good work on keeping the prices down......

charlie s

"I winched 2 ATV's out of the mud at the same time!"

I bought a Gorilla [now ProMark] 3000 lb. winch for my 400 4x4 atv. My friends have 700's with 27" mud tires. one of them had a winch made by a different manufacturer and it stripped the gear on the drum. I was concerned that I might be in trouble because I bought a less expensive winch. We were mudding in a hole near my house and one our buddies got stuck in a hole that has no bottom. Another friend went in to pull him out and he sunk too. I pulled around to get a good pulling angle on the second four wheeler and stretched out my winch cable. We had a 20 strap hooked to my 35 foot cable to reach him and another 20 foot strap to the first guy. Both of these four wheelers are 700's and weigh a lot more then my 400. I buried my four wheeler but the winch just pulled me out of my holes. So we hooked another four wheeler to mine and buried both of them. I started winching the two bikes out (at the same time) and when they started moving I realized the power of my little winch so I stopped and to and took a picture of the seen with my phones camera. Fortunately, my friends have a good sense of humor. (I will send a copy of the Pictures when I get a Cable to download them). Then I started winching again. I was truly amazed at the power of my Gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] Winch as I pulled two very large bikes, bulldozing through some thick mud at the same time. Oh course, when I was done I had to rub in the fact that my cheap little winch pulled their butts out of the mud.

Yesterday we went mudding again and I spent most of time pulling people out. When I finally went out to do some mudding myself, it was an awesome feeling to be able to get myself "unstuck" with my winch. If you haven't bought a Gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] Winch because you think that paying more is getting more, you are mistaken. I will tell you that my experience has been great!

Rick S
New Port Richey, Florida


When I got my 3,000lb Waterproof Winch from the guys at [now], I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve used their winches on other ATV’s before, but this was the first go at using their new waterproof line. My first experience with it only reassured me that my decision to get a Gorilla [now ProMark] was the right one. My SUV would not start. It was in the inclined driveway and I needed to get it into the garage and out of the subzero elements. There was no way I could push the vehicle up the incline and into the garage without risking injury. So I opted to put the new winch to the test right out of the gate. Having the ATV inside the garage already, I hooked the winch directly to the SUV (no snatch block was used) and proceeded to winch it right on in. That was impressive, but what impressed me even more is that the winch didn’t even have to work. It sounded like it was freespooling! It was quiet, efficient, and got the job without so much as one hiccup.

Since then, I’ve used the Gorilla [now ProMark] winch many times to raise and lower my 62” steel plow when clearing the snowfalls we’ve had this winter. I also use it to draw down the front end of my ATV when I trailer it. That helps secure the ATV better for hauling, and is something I could not do by just using my body weight. I’m looking forward to the upcoming riding season here in Minnesota so that I can further prove myself (and others) why my decision to get a winch from the great guys at was the right one! I’m going to get another Gorilla [now ProMark] winch for the rear of my ATV as well!

A huge facet of any purchase (be it an automobile, ATV, Television, etc…) is the post sale support. When I’ve ever had any questions, they have not only been willing to help me out but they responded in lightning quick fashion. Partner that level of service with their superior quality and affordable price point and it makes the Gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] winch the ONLY logical choice for me, bar none.

Todd S.


In October of 2006 I purchased a Gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] 3000 lb winch for my 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700. I had been needing one every since I got my quad and finally bit the bullet and bought a Gorilla [now ProMark] because I had heard good things about them and the price was right. When I received the kit in the mail everything was labeled well and the directions were easy to follow. I installed it in one evening after work, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. I have used my winch so much in the last 3 months that I don’t know how I lasted without it. Every time that we go riding I can pretty much guarantee that I will be using it. We clear a lot of brush and cut wood at our farm in Southern WV and nothing is better for pulling lots out of the trails. The satisfaction of pulling out other quads with my winch is just something else. Since buying mine, 2 of my buddies have already bought theirs as well, because seeing is believing with these winches. Well last weekend the weather was around 35 degrees and we all went riding. Saturday morning we rode and at around 1:30 PM I was going to head back home but I decided to make one last cruise around an old lakebed that we had been riding and racing around on most of the morning. Well, I’m sure you can see where this is leading. I rode up to a very nice little setting with a creek rolling down from 2 hills, so I just sat on my Polaris and killed the motor and took it all in for a few minutes. I heard my friends quad so I started mine again to ride out and I noticed that I had sunk 10 inches while I was just sitting there! The ground looked solid and there was grass on the top layer, but underneath it was just deep mud. I put my bike in 4 wheel drive, but all I could do was spin because the frame was on the ground.

My friend Travis got his bike hung up too and then the work began. We were able to winch mine to a few trees and the winch pulled fine, but the mud just kept getting worse. We worked for about 3 hours and only pulled the quad about 20 feet, and then we were still not out of the mud. The bike was actually slowly sinking, and when we would stand around beside it we were sinking too. I was shoveling the front of the bike out and knew I was sinking, but just kept working. Well pretty soon I was sunken to my mid-thigh in this nasty cold mud, and because it had such a hold on me, I was unable to pull free. I actually had to hold onto one of the logging chains hooked to another quad and pull out, in which I thought that I was going to pull my hip out. This scared me a good bit because I knew that the bike was slowly sinking, the temperature was dropping down below 30, and we were losing daylight. We continued winching from old dead tree to tree and the winch just kept pulling. We would try to let it cool as you are supposed to, but with the situations as they were, we had to sometimes pull constantly to keep the quad from sinking in the mess. We were too busy working and trying to get the quad out to really realize what we were putting the winch through. By 9 PM that night, we had winched a total of 30 feet in mud that is only comparable to quicksand. I don’t know if it was the amount of work we had put it through already or what, but the winch had started losing its pulling power (which we later found that we had just burnt the motor up). We were exhausted, the bike was still stuck, and we were almost out of gasoline. We chose that we would just have to come back in the morning and continue, as we were all starving and dangerously cold. The next day we worked for 6 hours but only managed to get a 4wheel drive truck and a 4 wheel drive John Deere tractor stuck, but couldn’t get the quad out. I couldn’t work much on Sunday as I had frostbite on the fingers on my right hand and my toes in my right foot. My fingers on my right hand swelled up so much that they split like overcooked hotdogs. Luckily my friends were there to jump in and work on getting my quad out while I was getting my hands and feet taken care of. The feeling of helplessness had already set in by Monday at work and I was beginning to believe that the quad might be a total loss because it just kept sinking, we were out of options for winching, the weather just kept getting wetter and colder, and we were unable to get a tractor or truck within 150 feet of the quad. Luckily my coworker opted to bring his Jeep (which is setup for playing in the mud) down and work on getting it out. That evening we all met up and went out and worked again and within an hour we had the quad out and I was riding it out. There was about $450.00 worth of damage to my quad, which is a relief after I had thought the worse for a few days. Once all the work was done, we were able to reflect on everything and 2 of the guys who were out there are going to buy Gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] winches.

ATV We were all just amazed at the work that we put that winch through and it just kept performing. The product that you make is amazing and I must say that if it weren’t for the Gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] winch that I feel would have lost my quad. As I struggle to type all of this (my fingers are still wrapped up) I have my quad sitting in the garage on jack-stands. I have so much cleaning to do, but at least I have it to work on. I must thank my friends so much for all the help and work to get the quad out of the mess that started out as a quick spin around the lake bed. Thank you for such an incredible product.

Paul M

"I used my ATV Winch to Roof My House"

ATV Last July, my dad and I re-shingled my roof. My dad is 78, and is in great health/shape for his age but isn't quite the same as a 20 year old. Neither am I, I have chronic lower spine compression issues as well as mid-spine problems. My knees are shot too, I get along fine in life but hauling shingles up the ladder would finish me for weeks. I didn't want my dad to go up & down the ladder hauling shingles the hardest way possible, I just wouldn't have it. That job is out for me as well. So... First I thought of renting a shingle lift. But before I look for the easy way out, I'll see if I can figure out a solution using my brain instead of money.

So... The contraption is basically my home made winch pulley block w/hook fastened to the top rung of the ladder. The plywood you see on the ladder has two snowmobile slides screwed to the plywood, the open 'slots' of the sleds entrap the outer edges of the ladder.

Because the winch would be used a lot and drain the battery, I connected a battery tender to the ATV to prevent severe battery discharge without having to run the ATV engine. And to keep the winch motor from overheating, I just did 5 or 6 pulls of 2 shingle bundles at a time... Then let the winch rest & cool as the Battery Tender kept the charging process going. Look at the home-made ball-bearing pulley block on the front of the ATV pic. It was attached to the top rung of the ladder.

"I used my ATV Winch to Pull a Building"

I put a 3000lb gorilla [now ProMark] on my rubicon, and put it through several hard pulls over a one month period. Then one day me and a buddy were pulling a storage building up onto a trailer. (I know I know, bad idea with atv winches, haha) He had a 3000 warn on his rubicon. We were both tied off to trucks, and we both had snatch blocks in our lines. I guess the building got hung up on the trailer, and as soon as both of our winches stalled, and the majority of the weight was on the gorilla [now ProMark], it stripped out all the gears. I called gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] and I had a brand new winch at my door in about a week. I know warn wouldnt simply send you a brand new winch, no questions asked. Thats why im extremely happy with my gorilla [now ProMark] and I dont have any plans to buy a "name brand" replacement.