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ProMark 10,000lb Midnight Series Electric Recovery Winch

10,000lb Midnight Series Front

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Regular Price: $404.99

Special Price: $369.99

Quick Overview

10,000lb Midnight Series Electric Recovery Winch

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 12' Corded Remote
  • Power In / Power Out
  • Freespool Function
  • 87' Steel Cable
  • Heavy Duty Contactor
  • Roller Fairlead
  • Spring Hook and Pull Strap

Product Description

Midnight Series 10000 lb Recovery Winch Package

Midnight Series Vehicle Recovery Winches are a perfect mix of performance and affordability. These rugged, durable winches for Jeeps and trucks are engineered to satisfy the high performance demands of the hard-core off-road enthusiast. The Midnight 10000 lb winch package includes a black frame multi-directional roller fairlead, heavy duty contactor, spring hook and pull strap, and all wiring and hardware. We also include our standard corded remote with power in and power out functions at no extra charge.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 12' Corded Remote
  • Power In / Power Out
  • Freespool Function
  • 87' Steel Cable
  • Heavy Duty Contactor
  • Roller Fairlead
  • Spring Hook and Pull Strap

10,000 Specifications

Performance:12V DC
Single Line Rated Pull:10,000 lbs. (4532 kg)
Motor:5.8hp/4.0kw, series wound
Control:Remote switch, 12 ft. (3.7 m) lead
Gear Train:3 stage planetary
Gear Reduction Ratio:265.2:1
Braking Action:Automatic in-the-drum
Drum Size:2.52" diameter, 8.82" length
Cable:87 ft. of 9/25" diameter
Fairlead:Chrome 4-way roller fairlead
Clutch:Sliding ring gear
Battery Recommended:650CCA minimum for winching
Battery Leads:2 gauge, 72 inches (1.83 m)
Weight:N.W. 88 lbs. (41 kg), G.W. 83 lbs. (42.5 kg)
Overall Dimensions:21.3" L x 6.3" W x 8.6" H (552 x 160 x 218 mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern:10.00 ± 0.015" x 4.50 ± 0.010" (254 x 114.3 mm)

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Customer ReviewsRead All Reviews

awesome winch

i instolled this winch on my 2011 f150 after two weeks of hearing my brother talk about how much better his 12000lsb warn winch was i finally decided ...

Review by Curtis

Very happy so far

I have this winch mounted to a lifted toyota mud truck, and so far I would highly recommend it. It is a little bit on the slow side, but doesn't even ...

Review by Mike

happy so far

Looked at the Warn, but didn't want to spend the cash- happy I didn't. This winch has pulled me out of the sticky stuff a few times. I would recommend...

Review by JD87

More Info

Electric Recovery Winch FAQ

What size recovery winch do I need?
The general rule of thumb for determining the right size for your Jeep, truck or trailer winch is to multiply the gross weight of your vehicle by 1.5. This number gives you the minimum rated line pull needed to pull out your vehicle on solid, level ground. For example, if your 4x4 weighs 6600 pounds, you'll need about 10000 lbs of pulling power. Trail conditions also play a factor in winch size. If you wheel in muddy conditions, you'll need a heavy duty winch that's reliable and strong. We recommend purchasing a winch with a capacity at least 2 times the gross weight of your vehicle if you'll be working or playing in muddy, extreme conditions. Also, make sure your auto battery and alternator can handle the increased electrical load.

 How Much Winch Do I Need?
 Gross Vehicle Weight x 1.5 = Minimum Winch Capacity

Example: 6600 lb GVW x 1.5 = 9900 lb (Rated Pull 10000lb)

What's the difference between the Midnight and Silverback Series?
The main difference between the Midnight and Silverback electric winches is the body style and included accessories. The Midnight Series comes with a black finish and a 12' corded remote control. A wireless control remote switch is available as an upgrade. The Silverback Series comes with a silver finish, a 12' corded remote, and 2 wireless remotes. Both models include a waterproof motor and contactor (fully submergible in water), 3 stage planetary gear train, automatic in-the-drum braking, and sliding ring gear clutch.

What is the difference between an electric and hydraulic winch?
An electric winch is powered by the vehicle's battery. A hydraulic winch is powered by the power steering pump. There are pros and cons to both types of winches, including duty cycles and variable speed line control, but electric winches are far more universal, easier to install, and cost less than hydraulic.

What is a dynamic brake?
A dynamic brake (also known as an automatic load-holding brake) uses the resistance from the electric winch motor and gears to prevent the drum from turning. It's a natural braking mechanism built into the winch. Winches with dynamic brakes are not designed to be used as hoists.

Which is better: steel cable or synthetic?
The debate between synthetic and steel cable is a hot one. Synthetic rope is easy on the hands, lightweight, and floats in water. On the flip side, steel cable can handle more abrasion, requires less maintenance, and has a long history of use in the auto industry. Synthetic rope is considered safer because it doesn't lash back like steel cable if it breaks. The standard steel cable on most winches can be replaced with synthetic rope of a similar diameter and length.

How do I mount the winch?
The best and most secure way to mount a winch is with a mounting kit designed for your rig. Without some of the mounting hardware and equipment included in the kit, you may not be able to use your winch safely. Recovery mounts come in several different styles, including a universal mounting channel, grille guard, custom bumper mount, and receiver hitch. The winch must be mounted on a flat surface for proper alignment, and the mounting points must be strong enough to withstand the pulling force. Follow the installation instructions included with your mount kit.

Can I take the winch off my vehicle?
Yes. Depending on the mounting setup, your winch may be easy or time-consuming to remove. A receiver hitch mobile recovery mount will allow you to easily remove the winch from your vehicle, swap it from front to rear, or use it on a different vehicle. Quick connect plugs make it easy to connect and disconnect from the electrical system. Winch mounts with easy access, such as grille guard mounts, allow you to unbolt the winch as needed. Hidden mounts and bumper mounts require more effort to remove.

Do other customers who own a Midnight or Silverback winch recommend the product?
Yes! Many of the customers who review our products tell us that their ProMark winch works as well as a Warn winch, at a fraction of the price. Check out the customer reviews above and the video reviews posted on our blog to see for yourself. While you're there, check out our tips on buying and using a winch and our information on winch recovery techniques.

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