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ATV Winch Mount Plate Wizard

Winch Mount Plate Wizard

Please select your ATV Make and Model, and click "Find Plate" to be directed to the correct mount plate for your vehicle.

If your ATV is not listed please contact Customer Service for assistance.

You can also view Recovery Winch Mounts for Jeep Wranglers, Trucks, and 4x4s.

Why choose a winch mount? Heck, you can probably bend some metal and do some welding right? ATV specific winch mounting plates are designed and tested for your machine which means the fit will be right and you will not risk doing damage to your frame or any mechanicals.

What is a Winch Mount Plate?Winch Mount Plate

A winch mounting plate is a piece of hardware that allows your winch to be installed onto a specific vehicle with little alteration or custom fitting. Often times, manufacturers are aware of vehicles or trailers that will exclusively use winches. Therefore, they install the necessary connections for installing a winch mount plate. Some companies offer manufacturer’s plates for different vehicle models while others offer a generic plate that can be custom fitted to your winch. Ultimately, a winch mount plate effectively secures your winch, giving it enhanced stability and strength.


Despite common misconceptions, winch mount plates are winch specific. Certain winch mount plates may only work with a certain model of winch. The same goes for vehicle compatibility. Not every “Jeep” winch mount plate will fit every model. Model specific plates will increase the strength and stability of your rig. Consult your manufacturer for more details about winch mount plate compatibility.


Beyond vehicle model types, winch mount plates come in all different types. Some include more utility based support and offer storage boxes, tool boxes, and auxiliary lighting. These features enhance you winch use and provide assistance for all the challenges with “off road”. Some winches feature a guard for winch line retraction while others offer incorporated covers.